Complete Guide For Brother HL-2170W Wireless Setup on Windows 10

Do you want to set up the Brother HL-2170 Wireless printer but not aware of the exact procedure? Well then here we are about to discuss the potential steps that can help you. 

Brother printers come along with a pretty easy setup procedure. So, Brother HL-2170W wireless setup is no big deal for you and you can easily do it by yourself.

Steps for Brother HL-2170 Wireless Setup

Here, we will let you know all the information that you need for Brother HL-2170W wireless setup Windows 10. So, follow the steps and apply properly to set up the printer.

Before starting the setup procedure, you have to know the WLAN access point’s wireless network settings. Those are Network Name (SSID) and Network Key (Password).

Find the SSID and Password

You have to know the SSID and Password of your network before you start the setup process. Here are the steps which you have to follow to find the SSID and Password of your network.

  1. Find those on the side of the WLAN access point/router.
  2. Check out the document that you have come along with your WLAN access point/router.
  3. There is a high chance to have the manufacturer’s name or the model name in the initial part of the Network Name.

Set Up Your Brother HL-2170W

Here are the steps in detail that you have to go through if your queries are all about how to setup a Brother HL-2170W wireless.

  1. Connect a power cord to the backside of your Brother HL-2170W printer and plug the other end of the power cord to an electrical wall outlet. Then, turn the printer on.
  2. Turn on your PC and log in with Administrator rights.
  3. Insert the CD/DVD that came with your Brother HL-2170W printer, into the CD drive. You can download the software for the printer from the official website of Brother. 
  4. After inserting the CD you will see a screen to appear. Choose your language and the model of your printer if needed.
  5. Then, the main menu of the CD will come to the screen. Select Install Printer Driver.
  6. Choose Wireless Network users. Select “Wireless Setup and Driver Install (Recommended)”. After that select Next.
  7. Now, you have to select a method to configure the wireless settings.

If you see a message “Step by Step install (Recommended)”, here are the things that you have to do.

  • Select “Step by Step install (Recommended)” and click on Next.
  • Select “With cable (Recommended)” and select Next after it.

If you see a message saying Automatic (Recommended), follow these steps:

  • Select Automatic (Recommended) and select Next.
  • Then, select “I’m able to temporarily connect my device to my access point with a network cable” and select OK.

Access the Network:

Use a network cable to connect your printer to the access point and click Next after that. Now, you have to select the printer that you are going to configure, hit the Next button. 

If you see a blank list, you have to check the access point and make sure that the printer is on. After that click Refresh. The wizard will find the network from your printer which is available. Now, you have to select the access point that you are going to associate with your printer and select Next.

You may see a screen if you select the unsecured WLAN access point/router’s SSID. If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your network, you have to configure the WLAN access point/router’s security settings.

  • Exit the wizard clicking Cancel, if you are going to configure your WLAN access point/router’s security settings.
  • If not, hit the OK button.

You will see a screen to appear if the network is configured for Encryption and Authentication. You have to configure the printer and match the Authentication and Encryption settings of an existing wireless network when you are going to configure the Brother HL-2170W printer.

From each setting box, select the Authentication Method and Encryption Mode. After that put the Network key and Confirm Network Key, select Next after it.

You must confirm that the settings are correct. Select Next and the settings will be sent to the Brother HL-2170W printer.

Now, you can click on the Change IP Address to manually change the IP Address. You can disable the settings by clicking on Cancel.

Print the Setup Page:

You must print the Printer Settings page to check the wireless status of your Brother HL-2170W printer when you will see a screen saying “Disconnecting Your Device and Access Point”. 

Double-check if the front cover is closed. Within 2 seconds, you have to press the Go button thrice. The current settings page will be printed by your printer.

Go through the printer setting page. Select the status as on the Printer Settings page, for the Wireless Link Status.

If “Link OK” is the status or if the status is not “Link OK” then you need to act accordingly. The driver installation process will start after clicking Next. To finish it, choose Cancel. 

If Wireless setup was not able to associate with the wireless network then incorrect security settings are the most possible reason behind it. Set the print server to default settings. Confirm your wireless network’s security setting.

Configuring the Setup:

Now, you have to disconnect the cable which is connecting your printer to the access point. Select Next after it. The driver installation process will start now. 

You will be able to install the printer driver following the instruction that will come on the screen of your PC. You have to install the driver of Brother HL-2170W for network connection. Finish by clicking Cancel if the installation process is already done.

These are all the steps that you have to follow to set up Brother HL-2170W. Go through these and apply properly to avoid any future hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset Brother HL-2170W?

Here are the steps that you have to follow to reset your Brother HL-2170W.

  1. Turn your Brother printer off.
  2. Press and hold the Go button and turn the printer on while holding it.
  3. You will find all the lights off. Press the Go button 7 times. Each time the button will flash.
  4. Within a few minutes, the printer’s rebooting process will start.

How to remove Brother printer’s ink cartridges?

Here are the steps that you have to go through and apply them to remove your Brother printer’s ink cartridges.

  1. First, you have to open the cover of the ink cartridge.
  2. Following the color shown on LCD, take out the ink cartridges after pulling down the lock release lever.
  3. According to the color showing on LCD, take out the ink cartridge from the new ink cartridge packet.
  4. You have to remove the yellow cap from each cartridge.
  5. There are different slots for different colors. Follow the direction arrow on the label while inserting the ink cartridge.
  6. Then, you have to lift each lock release lever and click it by pushing it gently. Close the cover of the ink cartridge after that. The ink dot counter will reset automatically.

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