Solved: Brother Printer Won’t Scan To Computer | Know Causing Factors

Brother printers are known for their unique features as well as the high printing quality. But, recently, Brother printer users reported to face an error message “Brother printer won’t scan to computer”. This appears on the screen when they are trying to scan any document. 

This error can arise due to multiple factors. In most cases, this error appears due to the outdated or missing printer scanner driver.

If you are presently experiencing this error and want to overcome the error as soon as possible, then you need to apply a few tweaks.

Possible Factors Responsible If Brother Printer Won’t Scan

Here are the most prominent factors that can influence the printer error to occur. So, check out the undermentioned section and recognize the prominent causes.

  • Missing or Outdated Printer Scanner Driver: If you do not upgrade the printer scanner driver for a long time, then the occurrence of such error is quite a common event. 
  • Hardware Related Problem: If there are certain hardware issues, then you can face the Brother printer scanner error.
  • Malware or Virus Infections: It is possible that your device has been infected by any sorts of malicious components and that is preventing the Brother printer from proceeding with the scanning process.
  • Incorrect Firewall Settings: If you configure the Firewall setting incorrectly, then you can face the Brother printer error.

What to Do If Brother Printer Won’t Scan to Computer?

There can be various troubleshooting measures that you can try in order to resolve the Brother printer error. Before proceeding with any critical method, be sure that your printer is On. Moreover, you need to be sure that the device isn’t in Sleep mode.

Now, follow the under mentioned instructions to resolve the Brother printer error as early as possible.

Fix 1: Check the Connection

As a primary fix, you need to make sure that your printer has been connected to a stable wireless connection. Also, be sure that there is no connection issue between your computer and Brother printer.

Fix 2: Verify that the Brother Printer is available to Print

In order to proceed with this method, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Press the combination of the Windows logo + R key to launch the Run window.
  • On the Run dialog box, write “Control” and hit the Enter key to run the command.
  • After you execute the command, a list will appear on the screen.
  • From the top search result, choose the “Control Panel” in order to launch the window.
  • Afterward, go to the “Hardware and Sound” from the menu.
  • Next, locate and select the “Devices and Printers”.
  • Further, right tap on your “Brother printer” and hit the “Printer Properties”.
  • In this window, hit the “Print Test Page” in order to verify whether your printer is available to print.

Fix 3: Review the Brother Printer’s Scanner Driver

We suggest you review the Brother printer’s scanner driver. In order to perform this task, follow the instructions underneath.

On the Control Panel window, write “Scanner” and hit the Enter key. From the appeared menu, choose “View scanners and cameras”.

In this window, check if the Scanner icon of your printer is available. If you are unable to locate the Scanner icon, then you need to install the Brother printer scanner driver. 

Instructions to Install the Brother Printer’s Scanner Driver

  • Launch the “Control Panel” and enter “Scanners” inside the search box.
  • Hit the “OK” button in order to execute the command.
  • Thereafter, choose the “Add Device” option and hit the “Next” button.
  • Once the “Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard” appears, follow the instructions in order to complete the scanner driver installation process successfully.

When the process is over, reboot your device to apply the new changes.

Fix 4: Inspect the IP Address of the Brother Printer

After performing all the above fixes, if the Brother printer still refuses to scan, then it is possible that there are certain technical glitches within the IP address of the Brother printer. 

In such situations, print the network configuration list and try to recognize the problem. To proceed with this task, follow these instructions.

  • Tap on the “Menu” on the Brother printer.
  • Then, choose the “Print Reports” from the menu.
  • Afterward, locate and select the “Network Config”.
  • Hit the “OK” button to proceed further.
  • Choose “Color Start” or “ Black (Mono) Start” or “Start”.
  • Further, choose the “Stop/Exit” from the context menu.

Fix 5: Try to Set the IP Address on Scanner Driver

In order to set the IP address on the scanner driver, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Launch the “Scanner Properties” from the Control Panel.
  • From the available menu list, choose your Brother printer scanner.
  • In the next screen, choose the “Properties” to invoke the menu.
  • After you perform this instruction, if the “User Account Control” screen appears, then hit the “Yes” or “OK” button.
  • Enter the admin security key when you are prompted.
  • Next, go to the “Network Setting tab” and try to “Specify your machine by address”.
  • Write enter the “IP address” you confirmed in the previous fix and hit the “OK” button for the confirmation.

Fix 6: Run an Antimalware Scan

The existence of malware or virus can also trigger a situation where the Brother printer won’t scan. To prevent this situation, you can run an anti-malware scan.

  • Open the “Settings app” and go to the “Update and Security”.
  • From the appeared menu, select the “Windows Defender”.
  • In the next window look for the “Windows Defender Security Center”.
  • Thereafter, launch the “Virus and threat protection module” and start the scanning process by hitting the “Quick Scan” button.

Windows Defender starts to scan the device and search for the malicious components. After detecting them, it will disinfect them automatically.

Fix 7: Check the Firewall Settings

Windows Firewall or any other antivirus software can create conflict within the Brother printer and prevent it to continue the scanning progress flawlessly. In order to prevent such circumstances, we suggest you disable the Windows Firewall temporarily. 

To disable the Windows Firewall, follow the instructions undermentioned.

  • On the “Control Panel” window, choose the “Update and Security”.
  • Once you access the “Update and Security” window, select the “Windows Firewall”.
  • Now, go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and invoke the “View your active networks” section.
  • Here, you need to inspect your network location and go back to the “Control Panel”.
  • Open the “Windows Firewall” and “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”.
  • Fuhrer, hit the “Turn off Windows Firewall for your network location” and hit the “OK” button to save the changes.

Once the Brother printer starts the scanning process, you can re-enable the Windows Firewall.

Additional Fix: Update the Scanner Driver

It is quite necessary to upgrade the printer scanner drive on a regular interval to get a flawless scanning experience. So, follow the undermentioned steps in order to upgrade the printer scanner driver.

  • On the Run dialog box, write “devmgmt.msc” and hit the “Ok” button.
  • After you execute the command successfully, you will find the “Device Manager” at the top of the search result.
  • Now, choose the Device Manager from the top search result and invoke the window.
  • Under the Device Manager, look for the printer driver from the appeared menu.
  • Now, choose the “Update Driver” button and hit the “Search automatically for updated driver software” from the context menu.
  • Install the latest printer driver by tapping on the “Install Update” button.

When the downloading process gets completed, reboot your device in order to allow the new changes to take effect.

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