Quick Guide on Brother MFC-J470DW Wireless Setup

Brother MFC-J470DW is one of the most highly recommendable all in one and easy-to-use printer. In this printer, you will get the privilege to replace the high-yielding ink cartridges. The paper-saving duplex printing feature has made the printer extraordinary. 

Features like automatic document feeder, mobile device printing are available in this Brother printer. Besides, you can even take the help of the Brother Cloud apps to connect with the WiFi-enabled devices at the time of printing. 

And Brother MFC-J470DW wireless setup is quite easy. To know the procedure to set up the printer, you have to move to the next section. 

How to Setup Wireless Printer Brother MFC-J470DW

For Brother printer MFC-J470DW wireless setup, you need the Network name and the Network keys. The SSID is the Wireless Network Name. And the Network key is the security key or the password that the Network uses to connect with the WiFi-enabled devices. 

Here, we are mentioning the initial setup procedure for the Brother MFC-J470DW printer. To start with, you have to do the below-mentioned steps:

  • Unpack all the components that come with Brother Printer. 
  • Now, plug in the Power Cord and the telephone line in the printer.
  • Next, install the ink cartridges in the ink tray. Put the A4 size paper in the paper tray.
  • After printing the documents check the print quality.
  • Choose the correct date and time now.

Steps to the Wireless Setup of Printer Brother MFC-J470DW

To set up the Brother Printer, you have to follow the given steps. And if you face difficulties while setting up the printer, we would suggest you repeat the steps:

  • Open the Printer, now tap on the Menu button. Use the scroll up and down keys to choose the Network. Tap on the “OK” button next.
  • Tap on the scroll up and down keys to choose the ‘WLAN ” option. Select the OK button next to confirm it.
  • Next, choose the Setup Wizard option using the scroll up and down keys in the printer. 
  • Tap on the OK button again. You will be promoted with the “Switch Network interface to wireless? or Network I/F switched to the Wireless” message next. 
  • Tap on the Ok button when the message displays on the screen. Wait for a while until you get into the Wireless Setup wizard tab. 
  • The Brother Printer will now search for the available network. A list of available network names will appear next on the screen. 
  • Choose the Network name and then tap on the OK button. If the Brother printer has the option to use WPS, you have to tap on the “2” number key.
  • Now, put the Network key and then tap on the Ok button. To change the settings, you can tap on the “1” number key in the printer. 

After a while, the device will connect with the chosen wireless network. You will be prompted with a confirmation message, tap the OK button next. 

Put an A4 sized paper in the paper tray and then the print will automatically get started. But, if you fail to connect the Device with the WiFi, you have to check the network connection. 

Configure the Wi-Fi Enabled Device

You can even connect the WiFi-enabled devices with the Brother Printer connecting with the Wireless Network. 

Android Devices:

  • Open the Phone and from there go to the Settings section. 
  • Tap on the “Wi-Fi” option and to run it on, toggle it on.
  • Choose the network name and then put the password in the password section. 
  • Tap on the Connect option next. Now, install the Brother iPirnt&scan app in the device.

And by just doing this, the wireless network will get established. Now, you can print documents in the Android Device. 

iOS Device:

To print the documents that are in the iOS device, you have to follow these instructions:

  • Open the iOS device and from there go to the Settings icon. 
  • Choose the Wi-Fi option from there. Toggle on the WiFi, if it is turned off. 
  • Search for the same network name that the printer is connected to. Then, choose to connect with the device 
  • Put the password when the “Enter Password” section will appear on the screen.
  • Now, tap on the Join button to set up the wireless connection. 

Make sure there is a checkmark beside the chosen network name. Get the Brother iPirnt&Scan app from the Apple App Store. Choose the model number of the Printer and you will be able to print all the contents that are present in iOS device

If you get a poor-quality print-out from the Brother MFC-J470DW, check if there is sufficient ink left in both the ink cartridges. 

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