Quick Guide For Brother MFC-7860DW Wireless Setup Process

Many wireless printers have the ability to print images or documents using RF (radio frequency) waves. Recently, you can print any documents from anywhere over the wireless network. 

If you recently bought a wireless Brother MFC-7860DW printer and want to get a smooth printing experience, you must set it up properly. 

In order to proceed with the Brother MFC-7860DW wireless setup, you must apply a few tweaks. 

Learn How to Setup Wireless Printer Brother MFC-7860DW

Here are the instructions that you need to apply to set up the wireless Brother MFC-7860DW. However, be sure you apply the instructions in the same order as instructed to get the best result possible.

Unpack the Brother MFC-7860DW Printer

As an initial step, you need to unpack the wireless Brother printer. To do so, take out the printer device from the box by removing all the packing materials and tapes. Also, unbox the other printer accessories like ink cartridges, paper tray, etc. 

After you unbox them, place the printer on a safe surface. Make sure you pick a flat surface to install the device.

Make the Connection

Take the AC power cable and connect one end to the back of the printer, then another to the power supply. Press the Power button for a while in order to turn on the device. 

Note– The device should be grounded by using the 3-pin plug.

Insert the Ink cartridges Properly

After making the connection, try to insert the ink cartridges in its proper location. For this purpose, open the front cover of the printer and take out the silica pack from the device. Gently lift the elastic band of the drum and pull the paper strip to eliminate the protected material.

Thereafter, pull up the drum unit and toner cartridges. Shake it several times in order to distribute the ink properly inside the attachment. 

Load the Paper inside the Paper Tray

In the next step, attempt to take out the paper tray completely from the device. Now, shuffle the paper bunch to prevent misfeed and printer jam. 

So, insert the bunch inside the paper tray and ensure that the pages are below the mark (maximum limit). After that, place the paper tray firmly back to its proper location and make sure it is completely inserted in the device. 

Set the System Preferences

Follow these instructions to set the system preferences.

Step 1: Go to the Brother printer’s Control Panel, select the “Language” by using the Up and Down arrows. Next, you need to select the proper Receive Mode. The Receive Mode is recognized by the external device on a similar line as the Brother printer. Once you are done, press the “Stop/Edit” option.

Step 2: Thereafter, try to set the LCD contrast. To enhance the contrast, press the right navigation arrow. If you want to decrease the contrast, then use the left navigation arrow. Next, select the “Stop/Edit” option when you are done.

Step 3: Navigate to the date and time section and enter the correct information in the text bar. Choose the 24-hour format on the dial pad. 

Step 4: In this step, set your station ID. The device will now show the date and time. Also, if you need to set up the Station ID, it will automatically add all the faxes you send. 

So, follow the instructions shown on the device’s control panel. Hit the “Stop/Exit” option when you are done with these instructions.

Select the Connection Type

After you set the system preferences properly, you need to choose the connection type among the USB interface, USB connection, and Wireless Connection.

For more information on selecting the connection type for your Brother printer, you can refer to the user manual. 

Download and Install the Required Driver for Brother MFC-7860DW

In order to download the required driver software for your Brother MFC-7860DW printer, go to the official website of the Brother. Then enter your printer name and model number (MFC-7860DW) in the text box.

Thereafter, you will be redirected to the download page. Here, you will find a list where all the necessary drivers and software are enlisted. Choose the driver and software one by one and hit the “Download Now” option. Wait unless the downloading process gets completed.

The setup file will be available in the Downloads folder. To initiate the installation, launch the Downloads folder and locate the recently downloaded setup file. For Windows users, the setup file will be in .exe format. But if you are a Mac user, you will find the setup file in .dmg format.

Next, right-tap on the setup file and hit the “Start” or “Run” button. Further, accept the license agreement and stick to further guidelines to complete the installation process.

Wireless Setup Instructions

To execute the Brother MFC-7860DW wireless setup, you need to configure the wireless network settings on your device. Keep in mind, this printer can be used in both wireless and wired environments. But, only one connection type can be applied at a time. 

Besides, you have to use a USB cable temporarily during the configuration process. Therefore, take a reliable USB cable and connect one end to the Brother printer and another to your computer. As soon as you perform this step, a confirmation screen will appear. 

Select the checkbox and hit the “Yes” button. Choose the “Next” button to proceed further.

Your device will then search for the wireless network from the available list. Now, select your wireless network and enter the login credentials such as SSID and security key. Hit the Enter key to confirm the sign-in procedure.

Once your computer and printer get connected with the same wireless network, remove the USB cable and initiate a printing task.

Note- If your access point is set to not broadcast the SSID, then try to add it manually. So, follow the instructions displayed on the screen to carry out the remaining setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Use a Wireless Brother Printer without the Internet?

Yes, you can use the wireless Brother printer without the Internet because the router manages the communication between the devices on the local network. Even when web access is not available, the wireless Brother printer can be used normally.

  • How do I find the IP Address of my Brother Printer?

Power on the Brother printer and hit the “Menu” button from the printer’s Control Panel. Navigate your way through the menu to locate the option titled “Networking”. In the next screen, search for the “IP Address”.

  • How do I Print a Report Page on a Brother Printer?

Ensure that the front cover of the printer is closed and the power cord is connected to the supply unit. Power on the printer device and wait unless the device is in the Ready state. Press the Go button for a while. The device will print the current settings page automatically.

  • How do I Locate my Brother Printer Password?

Launch the default web browser and enter “http://machine’s IP address” inside the browser’s address bar. Open the Login field and enter the default sign-in password. If you are not able to locate the Administrator tab, then hit the Login Password. Stick to the further instructions provided.

  • How do I Reset my Brother Printer to Factory Settings?

Power off the Brother printer and make sure that the front cover of the printer is closed. While turning on the printer, press the Go button. Unless all the LEDs light up, keep pressing the Go button. After a few seconds, release the Go button. As soon as you perform this instruction, your Brother printer will be set to its factory settings.

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